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diddl surprise box. Diddl Mouse.


DIDDL SURPRISE BOX. Please unbox together with me our amazing collection of DIDDL SURPRISE BOX. Our collection of the amazing DIDDL small toys is really so funny and you can watch how we open those carton boxes and enjoy, of course, the surprises. Diddl is a cartoon character created by German artist Thomas Goletz in 1990. Diddl is a white 'Jumping Mouse', with big ears and large pink-soled feet allowing him to jump large distances. Diddl and his friends are featured on various sorts of products such as stationery and collectibles, and also in a range of plush dolls and toys. DIDDL SURPRISE BOX is a new video featuring DIDDL small toys packed into nice carton boxes and opened by us in a short time. Music from Youtube Audio Library. A BIG thanks to YouTube! Surprise Box in other languages: مربع مفاجأة , изненада кутия, 惊喜盒, 깜짝 상자, iznenađenje box, overraskelse kasse, תיבת הפתעה, sorpresa box, scatole con sorpresa, yllätys laatikko, boîte à surprises, 驚きボックス, κουτί έκπληξη, आश्चर्य बॉक्स, kotak kejutan, bosca iontas, тосын қорап, pārsteigums box, kotak kejutan, overraskelse boks, verrassing doos, Skrzynka niespodzianką, caixa de surpresa, cutie surpriză, сюрприз окно, පුදුම කොටුව, prekvapenie box, presenečenje box, caja sorpresa, överraskning låda, กล่องความประหลาดใจ, Überraschungspaket, sürpriz kutusu, сюрприз вікно, meglepetést box, حیرت کے باکس

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